jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

I do not have much to say, I'm just looking forward to Friday afternoon and could do whatever I want for three days! Well actually and I have planned, and there is a bit of everything, later with my friend Marina, Puerto Banus to go by a little thing (and I tell if I get it) a trip to the mountain ... and that presently there is no more. For that, I want my Friday now!

-T-shirt: Zara -Shorts: Stradivarius -Watch: Casio

And of course, Patri good trip! Please drink a lot of starbucks cofee for me, buy so much clothes in primark and take a lot of shoots wiht your new love :)

xo xo IRENE

4 comentarios:

  1. irene te comentaria algo sobre lo que has escrito pero cero ganas de leer y menos inglés.. x)

    ahí queda dicho todo, directa indirecta: escribe en español x)

  2. irene si esque me escantas!! y yo estoy de acuerdo con marina, aunque sea pon la traduccion hahahaha



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