lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

finally! estrees is over! I expect a few weeks of relax to spend more time to upload my blog. Unfortunately during last weeks spend time in that meant losing hours of study and in these days a hour is a treasure. The past friday I went out with my friends (patri) to clear my head before the last stretch of exams. I hope you'll have a wonderfull week , mine are gong to be fantastic!

-necklace: springfield
-bag: stradivarius
-blazer: stradivarius
-skirt: DS
-boots: stradivarius


miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

Last sunday I went to a little forest for spend the day there and the site was really adorable!! I was with my family and we brought lots of delicious food (I think only one kg fattening that day ...) But it doesn't matter a lot now, past few days I am so overwhelmed. I must to study so much and i have too much things to do. For this I can't upload a post every day.Weel i hope you enjoy wihtthis funny shoots inspireds in woodstoock festival!!

-Tshirt: oysho
-Trousers: Zara ( old season cut by me )
-Vest: Zara
-Boots: Pull and bear
-Necklace: Oysho
-Wacht: Casio


domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Estudiar estudiar y estudiar no puedo hacer otra cosa, el shoot es de la semana pasada pero esque no he tenido ni tiempo de coger apenas el ordenador. Pero vamos son solo unas cuantas semanas mas liadas de la cuenta, o eso espero. Muchos besos a todos y que empeceis bien mañana yo con el cambio de hora de hoy estoy encantadisima :)

-Tshirt: Pull and bear
-Skirt: Zara
-Watches: Casio
-Shoes: H&M

xo xo IRENE

lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

La verdad esque me a encantado la colección de Dsquared2 para esta temporada, me recuerda a los angeles ( the hills :P ) no se un rollo muy urbano lleno de superposiciones llevadas al extremo. Me da bastantes ideas a la hora de crearme algunos looks , por el momento yo ya tengo mi pelo de leopardo, mi blazer y varias camisetas para darle rollo al asunto.
por cierto , que os a perecido a vosotros??


Por cierto ultimamente estoy bastante liada asi que no he tenido ni tiempo de actualizar este fin de semana . Estres , estres y mas estres, en fin es lo que tiene. Muchos besos para todos!! y buena semana!

xo xo IRENE

jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

And I'm waiting for her very impatient!!!

Y yo la espero impaciente!!!

xoxo IRENE

domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

I'm going to tell you a secret actually , today I've climbed a mountain, this has been so hard and now I'm very tired but for this worthwhile landscape.
Os voy a decir el secreto, en realidad he subido a la maroma ha sido durisimo (siete horas andando) y estoy hecha polvo pero por los paisajes casi que ha merecido la pena!

xo xo IRENE

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

I do not have much to say, I'm just looking forward to Friday afternoon and could do whatever I want for three days! Well actually and I have planned, and there is a bit of everything, later with my friend Marina, Puerto Banus to go by a little thing (and I tell if I get it) a trip to the mountain ... and that presently there is no more. For that, I want my Friday now!

-T-shirt: Zara -Shorts: Stradivarius -Watch: Casio

And of course, Patri good trip! Please drink a lot of starbucks cofee for me, buy so much clothes in primark and take a lot of shoots wiht your new love :)

xo xo IRENE

miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2009

For me the things I carry in my bag are necessary would not be able to leave home without them. Also it is said that a girl is known for the things she carries in her bag, if that's not true actually is that every object that I have is a memory.

-Purse: from my travel to england, i bought it in the London tower

-Keys: the keys of my houseof course but the keychain are fron disneyland

-My movil phone.. actually now it's broken but i sent it for repair

-Bag: Zara

I always carry something of make up. By the way.. I love make up!!!
-Sephora sun disk
-Touch de eclact by Yves Saint laurent
-Nail colour Chanel
-rouge allure Chanel

-Vitalumiere Chanel

Well I've been passing a dificult week but the end is near.
Kisses for everybody!!
xo xo IRENE

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