miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2009

For me the things I carry in my bag are necessary would not be able to leave home without them. Also it is said that a girl is known for the things she carries in her bag, if that's not true actually is that every object that I have is a memory.

-Purse: from my travel to england, i bought it in the London tower

-Keys: the keys of my houseof course but the keychain are fron disneyland

-My movil phone.. actually now it's broken but i sent it for repair

-Bag: Zara

I always carry something of make up. By the way.. I love make up!!!
-Sephora sun disk
-Touch de eclact by Yves Saint laurent
-Nail colour Chanel
-rouge allure Chanel

-Vitalumiere Chanel

Well I've been passing a dificult week but the end is near.
Kisses for everybody!!
xo xo IRENE

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